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The way it works:

Whether you are wanting to design a new home from scratch or just want to modify an existing plan, I can help you bring your ideas together into a workable building plan.

I usually begin by having my clients fill out a questionnaire. In it I ask questions regarding your space requirements, lifestyle, future plans, building budget, etc.

This helps me get a fuller picture of what you, the client are after and often helps my clients define more clearly for themselves what they want and need.

To get a copy of my questionnaire email a request to devittdesign @ gmail.com

Next, I ask for any sketches, photos, magazine clippings, etc. that would show me what appeals to you in a design.

If you are in the Western North Carolina area, we would schedule a meeting and discuss your project at this point. If your building location is in the area I recommend that I visit your site.

If you are not in the area, we can still meet via phone, email, fax and the good old postal service.

After gathering all the information, I begin by drawing an initial floor plan which we would then discuss and tweak to your liking.

Once the basic size and layout of the house is established I move on to some preliminary 3D renderings, defining the style of the home, the roof design, window size and placement, etc.

After the basic design is agreed on, it is time to work on the finer details as well as the structural drawings needed for permitting and construction.

What your plans will include:

A basic set of plans would have a floor plan for each level of the house, elevation drawings for each side of the house, a foundation plan , a roof plan showing the direction and pitch of the various roof faces, building section drawings and construction details as required .

More detailed plans might include interior elevations of some areas, detail drawings of items such as fireplace mantels or built in cabinetry, a site plan,  floor and roof framing plans, An electrical plan, etc.


 I work on an hourly basis @ $115.00 / hour. The cost of projects varies depending on the size and complexity of the project. An average house plan from scratch takes about 80 - 120  hours. 

To begin working on a project I mail you a contract to sign and ask for a retainer of $2000.00 for a  full house design, less for addiions & remodels.