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About Us


My name is Jack Devitt and I am the owner and principal designer at Devitt Custom Home Design.

I am a graduate of the Solar Energy program of Cabrillo College, Santa Cruz, California, 1981.            

Having worked in the field of residential construction and design for over 35 years , 

I have an in depth understanding of what makes a house design work.


Designing healthful, energy efficient homes has been an interest of mine since the beginning of my career.

Whether the design incorporates passive solar heating or is a conventionally heated home,   I incorporate many of the same principles,

such as using innovative materials and insulation methods, as well as state of the art heating and cooling equipment, letting in lots of

natural light , visually connecting the indoors and outdoors, and having a feeling of openness and flow in the layout.

I also try to design my homes to take maximum advantage of the site to make it a pleasing and nurturing place to be inside and out.


My Goals:      

 -  To listen carefully to my clients and strive to produce a plan  

     which encompasses their dreams and expectations.

 -   To be a resource for information and help my clients understand

      what is possible.

-   To design homes that are beautiful both in form and function.

-   To incorporate energy efficiency and practical use of materials into the  design.



Stock house plans seldom meet an individual's specific needs.

The best way to get the house you really want is to work with a designer

to plan the house that fits your lifestyle, takes the best advantage of your site

and reflects your personal vision of the space you want to live in.

Let me help you design the home of your dreams.